We breed beautiful Bengals.

Wild, Exotic looks with Gentle Domestic Temperaments.

Bengal playing with a butterfly.

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Pride of Eire Bengals is pleased to announce that we have merged with Wild Mariner Bengals. We’ve worked together for many years but due to Carole’s ill health, she needs to take a back seat so Pride of Eire will take the lead role in continuing to breed spectacular Bengals.

We have the honour of having Pudd’in and several gorgeous girls who we will update on our website soon. Carole’s cats have striking markings and wonderful temperaments, which comes down to her superb breeding. Over the years we have crossed our lines and have produced some stunning cats and it’s an honour to carry on Carole’s Bengal legacy.

Wild Mariner and Pride of Eire, have also been working on a Silver programme for a while now. We recently imported two Queens from Australia who have both produced some amazing Silver Bengals. Our Combined Prefix is called Liquid Silver, and you can see just how amazing a Silver Bengal is in this picture of our boy Tom Cat.

Our Kittens

We are Bengal Breeders based in Auckland. We take pride in all our Bengal kittens who have been socialised within our home. Though we are Bengal breeders based in Auckland, we are more than happy to ship any of our Bengal kittens NZ nationwide.

Our Bengal kittens are exposed to our dogs so when they venture into the big world they are accepting of the most scary things in life.

Our life in our home is no different than anyone else's with the noise of boys being boisterous, radio and TV blaring, vacuum cleaners, dogs, birds and lots of noisy kids. We handle all our Bengal kittens throughout the day to prepare them for their new homes. Our Bengal kittens will be desexed, microchipped, first vaccination and regular flea and worming.

We have been breeding Bengals since 2010 and our total focus is Bengals. We aim to preserve the integrity of the Bengal Standard and produce Bengals that are loved pets, cherished companions full of character and love.

Our Studs

We have beautiful Bengal studs Paddy, Seamus, Puddin, and Sylvester.

Our Bengal studs are like the Kings of the Castle, enjoying their days lazing around in the sun and entertaining their Bengal lady friends.

We are very proud of our boy Silver Dbl Grand Champion Riley who has done extremely well in the show circuit. In 2016 he became the 2nd best Short haired cat in New Zealand, among some very tough competition. He has also fathered some beautiful Bengal kittens.

Paddy,has been shown in 2017 and was the Supreme Shorthair cat for two shows while gaining his Silver Dbl Grand Champion Status. His splendid nature makes him a winner with the judges. This is why he was voted 4th best Shorthaired Cat in NZ 2017

We are planning to take our boy Hunter to some shows as he is just spectacular.

As Auckland Bengal Breeders, we are very proud of our magnificent studs who are now producing world-class Bengal kittens both in the show ring and as future, potential breeding Bengal cats for our catteries future.

Our Queens

Our Bengal Queens are the Ladies of the Manor. They enjoy a life of playing with their fellow Queens and sometimes with one of our Bengal Studs.All of our Bengal Queens have been well socialised and are in excellent health. We only hand pick from the very best of Bengal types with patterns second to none. Although pattern is quite important, we believe that type is of equal if not more importance.Type is about keeping that wild Bengal look but maintaining the sweetest of natures.

When our Bengal Queens are with kittens, they enjoy their own space without disruptions from other cats and noise. They are fed as with all our Bengal Cats and kittens on premium foods with no expense spared to guarantee the best health to both mother and kitten.

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Please feel free to contact us at anytime If you would like to see if a Bengal is right for you.

Even if you are outside Auckland, our Bengal kittens can be flown throughout NZ using a professional pet transport company.

If you have any enquiries, or would like to discuss reserving a kitten,

021 916 887. Or Contact us through our website please call Damian on 021916887. Or Contact us through our website